Alcohol and Other Drug Prevention and Educational Services

Alcohol and Drug Prevention and Educational Services


The University of Northern Iowa adheres to the laws of the state of Iowa, and strives to create an environment that supports healthy decisions and lifestyles. While the use of illegal drugs is prohibited, the University acknowledges and respects the rights of individuals to use alcohol in a legal and responsible manner, just as it acknowledges and respects the rights of individuals who choose not to use alcohol. Although the moderate consumption of alcohol may be an acceptable part of certain social activities, alcohol and drug abuse interferes with the ability of the University to achieve its mission and can adversely affect individuals, the university, and the larger community. For more information on UNI's alcohol policy

Student Wellness Services provides alcohol and other drug (AOD) preventative and educational services on campus. Services include:

  • Prevention/Self-Help
    • Campaigns 
    • Have Fun Without Alcohol
    • Programs/Training
    • Self-Help resources: BAC Calculator, Ulifeline, Apps, and Alternatives to Substance Use 
  • Education 
    • About alcohol, Protective Behavioral Strategies, Alcohol Myths & Facts, Alcohol Poisoning, & Additional Resources
  • One-on-One Support 
    • Brief Alcohol Screening and Intervention for College Students (BASICS)
    • Cannabis eCHECKUP TO GO consultation 
  • How to Help / Referrals 
    • How to Help Guide
    • On-Campus Resources
    • Off-Campus Resources / After Hours
    • Parent Resources 
  • Law & UNI Policy 
    • UNI policies 
    • Iowa laws


For more information, contact Shawna Jesse, Health Promotion Coordinator at or call (319) 273-6119.