Alcohol and Other Drug Prevention and Educational Services


Brief Alcohol Screening and Intervention for College Students

BASICS was designed specifically to help college students make safer and healthier choices regarding alcohol. BASICS uses a harm reduction approach. Within the field of collegiate alcohol/drug prevention/education, BASICS is considered a model program based on sound research efficacy. BASICS is mandated for students who have violated AOD policy and have been sanctioned for a major offense. However, this program is available to all students on a voluntary basis.

Students complete a confidential alcohol/drug questionnaire and then a personalized feedback profile is generated for the student and a Student Wellness Services staff member to review during a scheduled appointment . The appointment lasts up to 90 minutes.

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The following bullets provide information regarding BASICS outcomes:

• Helping the student identify high-risk drinking situations for them individually

• Providing accurate information about alcohol (i.e. negative consequences, blood alcohol content, standard drinks, tolerance)

• Identifying personal risk factors (i.e. family history, behavior)

• Challenging of myths and positive alcohol expectancies (i.e. examining beliefs, social functioning, self-monitoring)

• Establishing more appropriate and safer drinking goals (i.e. moderation)

• Managing high-risk drinking situations (i.e. strategies and goals)

• Learning from mistakes

• Increasing self-efficacy

• Attaining lifestyle balance