Alcohol and Other Drug Prevention and Educational Services



Additional programs can be found under our Prevention Programming page.

Alcohol Edu

Alcohol Edu is a 2 to 3 hour online alcohol education course. You will be provided with a web address and a password that allows you to conveniently access the course from your home computer or a computer lab. Taking the course in more than one sitting will facilitate retention of the material, helping you perform optimally on the final exam. The course is divided into six chapters that include information on alcohol metabolism, blood alcohol concentration, alcohol’s effect upon learning, memory and behavior, alcohol poisoning, impaired driving, alcohol abuse and addiction.

If you would like to participate in Alcohol Edu or obtain further information, please contact UNI Dean of Students Office.

BASICS (Brief Alcohol Screening and Intervention of College Students):

BASICS is a harm reduction approach regarding drinking. It was specifically developed for use with college students. After completing a confidential questionnaire about your drinking, program staff will develop a personalized feedback profile. The profile includes myths about alcohol’s effects, facts on alcohol norms, ways to reduce future risks associated with alcohol use, and a menu of options to assist in making any desired changes.

If you would like to participate in BASICS or obtain further information, please contact Student Wellness Services.

Substance Abuse Evaluation

A Substance Abuse Evaluation is a testing process used to determine whether a person is addicted to alcohol and/or other drugs. The evaluation process requires approximately an hour and a half. You will complete questionnaires concerning your alcohol and other drug use and difficulties your use has caused. After the initial meeting, an additional session would be scheduled to review the results of the testing and to discuss subsequent recommendations. Follow-up recommendations may include educational and/or treatment referrals.

If you would like to have a Substance Abuse Evaluation or obtain further information, please contact Pathways Behavioral Health Services.

Prime for Life: Driving Unimpaired

Prime for Life is an extensive, 12-hour program that focuses on individual drinking choices. You will learn about the amount and frequency of drinking that is considered low-risk, and learn how a family history of addiction increases your risk for alcoholism. The course also introduces signs of a drinking problem and highlights substance abuse resources that are available on and off campus.

You will also complete a self-assessment of your drinking and learn where you can access a more in-depth substance abuse evaluation. The course also thoroughly addresses driving under the influence. This course is provided by Hawkeye Community College (319-296-2460), Pathways Behavioral Services (319-235-6571) and Cedar Valley Recovery Services (319-277-5808).

Please phone these programs directly to obtain a class schedule and/or to register for the class.