Alcohol and Other Drug Prevention and Educational Services

Off Campus Providers

Cedar Valley Recovery Services
2603 Rainbow Drive
Cedar Falls, IA
(319) 277-5808

Substance abuse evaluations for impaired driving, drug and alcohol possession, and public intoxication offenses, as well as self-referrals. The $115 fee for an evaluation is due at the time of service and cannot be paid by check; debit/credit card, cash or money order preferred. Cedar Valley Recovery Services also provides Level 0.5 Early Intervention, private Level I Outpatient, and a methadone treatment program for individuals addicted to opiates.

Covenant Medical Center - Horizons Unit
2101 Kimball Avenue
Waterloo, IA
(319) 272-2873

Detoxification services, chemical dependency outpatient and inpatient treatment programs for adults and adolescents, relapse prevention and continuing care programs, substance abuse evaluations and treatment referrals. Covenant will bill insurance providers for the cost of an evaluation. Clients who need an evaluation because of an OWI (Operating While Intoxicated) charge, must pay a $152 fee on the day of the testing. The fee for non-OWI evaluations is $218. Clients without insurance who request non-OWI evaluations must pay the fee in full before they can schedule an evaluation appointment.

Holly Helm, MA, LMSW, ACADC
3510 Kimball Avenue
Suite D
Waterloo, IA
(319) 232-5024

Substance abuse evaluations, including court-referrals, self-referrals, employment referrals, and family/significant other referrals, are $125. Ms. Helm can file insurance claims for Midland’s Choice and BlueCross/Blue Shield. Evaluations for legal matters must be paid in cash. She cannot receive Title XIX reimbursements.  

Pathways Behavioral Services
3362 University Avenue
Waterloo, IA
(319) 235-6571

Substance abuse evaluations, individual and group counseling, residential treatment, and prevention services. Pathways accepts third party payment and charges on a sliding fee scale for clients without insurance.


Allen Counseling Center
1825 Logan Avenue
Waterloo, IA
(319) 235-3550

Substance abuse evaluations and treatment referrals for adolescents and adults; outpatient substance abuse treatment services for adolescents (after-school program); outpatient gambling treatment program for adults.  Allen provides evaluations on a small scale, due to staffing constraints. When their counselors have enough time for evaluations, a maximum of three evaluations are scheduled per week. Clients must pay the $125 fee in advance of the appointment. They do not file insurance claims for evaluations. Therefore, if your insurance covers the cost of an evaluation, you may want to complete it at another agency.

Access Evaluations & Education
1903 W. Ridgeway Ave. 
Waterloo, IA 

Substance abuse evaluations for all ages, including court ordered individuals, are $100 at the time of service. OWI court ordered evaluations are $125 at the time of service. For more information, visit:

Employee Assistance

Employees who need alcohol/other drug assistance are strongly encouraged to seek confidential assistance through the Employee Assistance Program (EAP).